Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gone Blank

Well gone blank is all that I can think of to describe my life right now.  For one thing Geisha is sitting up on the hard at Pierside Boatyard and they have given me a quote for $12000 to overhaul the engine.  So options right now are not good.  1) Forget about it.  2)  Spend the money and take it back to Key West and live on it.  3) Sell it in Charleston as is. 4) Spend the money and sell it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stuck In Limbo

Well it has been a week since Dave and I arrived at the Cooper River Marina.  Last Thursday Bryant from Charleston City Boatyard (I thought) came over and did some tests.  Since his pressure tester for the cooling system was not working he could not get a good reading on that.  He did not bring a compression testing equipment with him so he couldn't do that.  On Friday I learned that he had put new seals on order for the injectors which have to be replaced when the injectors are removed.  Needless to say they did not arrive yesterday as Monday was a holiday.

Today they were supposed to be here but they weren't.  Bill the foreman, assured me this morning that as soon as they arrive and they are scheduled to arrive today, he will have Bryant out here to do the test.  So we sit and wait.  Each day we sit here costs money and gets closer and closer to China's vacation time.  I know Dave is getting anxious to get to Virginia.  A good option would be for him to use his Daughter's car and drive up there, especially for the race he wants to be part of.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will know something more definite, but it seems each day is the same.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend, Cooper River Marina

The mechanic from Charleston City Boatyard has ordered new seals for the injectors in preparation for the compression test, planned for Tuesday.  In the meantime, Dave and I are pretty much stuck here at the Cooper River Marina.  Luckily we have Dave's daughter's car for transportation because we are pretty much out in the boonies.   This marina occupies the old degausing facility on the old naval station.  It is a beautiful marina with very nice amenities and the price is good but it is really pretty much away from everything else.

Yesterday for lack of something better to do we went surf fishing on Folly Beach.  Dave borrowed a rod and reel from Michelle's husband.  We picked her up at about 2:30 and made it out to Folly by about 3:15. They are doing a beach restoration project there so much of the beach was restricted.  We did find a space a little away from the sunbathers however and were able to do some fishing.  I caught a couple of small fish, not sure what they were, silvery in color and very soft texture.  Maybe ladyfish?

Afterward we went over to Cindy's where we washed the sand off and kept her mother in law company for an hour waiting on Cindy to come back from picking up Noah.  We went tot he Brick House Kitchen for
dinner as Cindy wanted to listen to band playing there.  Dinner was good but the service was mediocre to say the least and had to wait 20 minutes for our check.  I'm not fond of having to sign a check on a tablet while the server is hovering over me, waiting on the tablet back.  Just a little too high tech for me even.  They had pre-programed tips of 20%, 25% and 30%.  When asked why no 15% we were told 20 was more accepted.  Don't quite agree with that either.  I think 15% is standard while if you get exceptional service you might do 20 or even 25%.  Finally I have never heard of a restaurant that had no bread.  The pasta dish was excellent and and sauce needed a little hard Italian bread to top it off, but alas no bread anywhere in the restaurant.  They brought us crackers.  Also no pasta should ever be served without a spoon to go along with the fork.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cooper River Marina

Tied up and secure at slip E11 Cooper River Marina.  Arrived here on Wednesday morning around 10:30 without incident from our anchorage on the Stono River.   Wednesday afternoon was a family reunion with Carolyn, Marion, her husband Mike and their two children, Lydia and Keegan.  Cindy arrived later with Noah.  Photos above are of my niece Lydia and Nephew Keegan whom I had never met. 

Dave's daughter Michelle also came and thanks to her we have transportation.   Yesterday I had two mechanics over, neither of which was able to figure out exactly what the problem is. 

Hopefully today will get something definitive as Bryant of Charleston City Boatyard will bring over the right equipment to do the job.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fernandina Beach to Charleston

So let me catch up with this adventure or more aptly "tale of woe".   Left Fernandina Beach at about 6:30am on Sunday morning.  Had a beautiful day sail. Weather was 5-10 out of Southeast   Made great time all day with GPS predicting our Charleston arrival at around 6:30am. Great 24 hour run, but not to be. Even caught a nice blackfin tuna.  

The winds predicted approaching Charleston 5-10 out of the north turned out to be 20 out of the northeast, right on our nose.  Waves and wind slowed us to 1-2kts putting us in Charleston at somewhere late afternoon. Too much pounding to weather for two senior citizens.  We turned around and headed for Port Royal Sound, 33 miles away to the south. We were 25 miles from Charleston at the time.  Neither Dave nor I had ever entered Port Royal so it was daunting with a steady 20 kts out of the Northeast.  The channel approach is due North for nearly 5 miles, then a turn of about 30deg to the west for 6 miles putting the waves on our beam. Thankfully the channel is well marked and deep.  We made it in though, fueled up at Port Royal Landing, where I now have some of the rubber from their floating dock on the port side of my boat.  Kissed it a little hard and Dave forgot to put out the fenders.  Took a ball at Beaufort town marina for $20 and had dinner at Luthers.  

Dropped the ball at 6:15 and requested bridge opening with 2 boats following us through.  Let them pass thinking they were more familiar. Great move until we tried to enter the Ashepoo Cooshaw cut.  The boat we were following went aground and us right behind him.  I tried to go right but too late we went into the mud.  Luckily I was able to back off.  We anchored, thinking we would wait for more tide as it was very low.  A passing trawler gave us a heads up on the proper course so we tried it again snd made it. 

Arrived at Elliot Cut entry at 4:00, too late to catch the last opening of the Wappo Bridge, then the oil alarm went off.   Veered off to Starboard and dropped the hook.  Put in 3 qts of oil and decided to stay the night.  Called my two sisters.  They want to come see me tomorrow.  Will be in Charleston until I get this oil consumption issue fixed.   The photo is the sunset here on the Stono River near Buzzards Roost.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fernandina Beach

Wednesday 5/16/14.  Left Amelia YB around 9:30.  Found that my RAM mic did not work now.  How much more can fail.  Engine hours when we left was 145.   Added one qt of oil.   Purchase 40 gallons of fuel and put in about 32.  Total hours in 32 gallons was about 32.  Took a slip at FB City marina. Winds gusting to 26kts out of the west.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Amelia Island

Yesterday was not a good day. Ran aground again in an area that should have had water. Tried to get off and must have had the prop in the mud because it sheared off the prop to shaft key.  TowBoat to the rescue again as they had to get us off the mud, then tow us into Amelia Island yacht basin.  Have the boat on the travel lift now and the yard mechanic is having to make a custom key out if key stock he had at home.   Cloudy and rain today.   Saturday looks like a good day to make for Charleston to offshore.  Enough of the running aground  bullshit. 

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