Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Public Option on Health Care

Republican Senator Grassley said, ."A government run plan will ultimately force private insurers out of business," adding that supporters of the public option were trying to open a back door toward a fully government-run, or single-payer, health system like those in Canada or England. 

Good let them go out of business.  A government run plan is what he has and is what I have had since I was 18 years old and first enlisted in the Navy. 

Any plan that does not have a public option will be a win fall for the insurance industry and should be defeated and so should all the so called representatives of the people that vote against it, yet keep on the public dole. 


According to Rep. Trent Franks of AZ

Rep. Trent Franks, a Republican from Arizona…

"Obama's first act as president of any consequence, in the middle of a financial meltdown, was to send taxpayers' money overseas to pay for the killing of unborn children in other countries," said Frank. "Now, I got to tell you, if a president will do that, there's almost nothing that you should be surprised at after that. We shouldn't be shocked that he does all these other insane things. A president that has lost his way that badly, that has no ability to see the image of God in these little fellow human beings, if he can't do that right, then he has no place in any station of government and we need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity."

Franks later tries to "explain his position this way" 

Bethany Haley, spokeswoman for Franks, said the congressman was referring to "unborn humanity" and should have clarified his statement. She also said that Franks meant to say that Obama's abortion-related policies have no place in government, rather than that Obama has no place in government.

"He was just referring to the way President Obama has set himself up as the most pro-abortion president in America's history," Haley said.

What a bunch of B......t

From Riki Lieberman

Riki Wanted this sent to as many as possible.

• Every member of Congress, the President and Vice President and every federal employee receives health care through a taxpayer funded "public option".  Why are so many of them so intent on denying the same possibility to the rest of us?  And why are we so complacent about their hypocrisy?

•  Each beneficiary of the publicly funded Federal Employees Health Program who opposes a public option should be called out and exposed for hypocrisy in denying to others what they have for themselves, and in some cases, rabble rousing to cynically confuse their constituents about the role in government in the health care system.  

• No-one in the Federal Employees Health Program is denied coverage because of prior conditions or health status.  Why deny this to anyone else?

• A large proportion of health care is already a public mandate for broad categories of Americans - Medicare, Medicaid, the VA...  While each system has its issues and could be improved, most could be dealt with by aggressive fraud control, decent reimbursements for providers, and sensible primary and preventive care.

• It is amazing that Medicare is as cost effective as it is; it covers the most health care needy cohort of the population.  Imagine how reasonably priced it would be if its risk was expanded to a less less needy younger population.

• These same hypocrites have exempted themselves from Social Security and have their own very attractive pension system unavailable to the rest of us taxpayers.


Health care reform is before Congress NOW.  Please

• For each of you with a Congressional representative or Senator who opposes a strong public option, demand that he/she leave their taxpayer public option health care before voting against it and denying it for all other Americans. 

Provide this information and insist that your local newspapers, TV and radio stations call out the hypocrisy of these public officials.

Organize local labor, women's organizations and civic groups to picket the offices and homes of the hypocrites.

Richard Burton, Publisher/

Friday, September 25, 2009

Liberal vs Conservative

Which are you? More specifically which would you rather be, a Conservative or a Liberal?  Here are the definitions from Dictionary.com: 

Conservative:  Disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.  

Liberal:  Favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.  

Using the definitions above lets examine the events of history and who might have been identified how. 

How about the American Revolution.  Was it Conservatives or Liberals that boarded the tea ships and tossed the tea overboard?  Was it Conservatives or Liberals that signed the Declaration of Independence?  Not everyone was in favor of American Independence and they were called Whigs. Were they Conservative or Liberals?  Using the above definition I would call the Whigs the conservatives and the people who dumped the tea overboard Liberals. 

The Civil War and the question of Slavery.  Was it Liberals or Conservatives that advocated the abolition of slavery.  Was it Liberals or Conservatives that established the Underground Railroad that offered escape to thousands of runaway slaves.  Give the above definition it was most certainly liberals.  Of course you might say it was an act of Liberalism for the Southern States to leave the Union.

A woman's right to vote. It was not until the early 20th Century that women obtained the right to vote.  Was that a Liberal thing?  I think it was as the Conservatives fought against it.

The Social Security Act and Medicare.  Who fought for that and and fought against it?  I think we all know.

The Equal Rights Amendment was definitely not the result of a Conservative movement.  Just the opposite I would think.  I don't think the John Birch Society nor the KKK was very liberal. 

Over the past view years radio talk show hosts and others have turned the word Liberal into something bad.  They even spit it out when they say it, you know they give it a little different connotation to the word in their speech.  As usual Liberals have even backed off the use of the word when then describing themselves and now in a lot of cases use the word Progressive instead.  Can you imagine a Conservative changing the word describing themselves because of the way Liberals refer to them. I think not. 





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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Times Square

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Gotta have the city once in awhile

Just strolling along enjoying the sites and sounds of the city.

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Maybe South Carolina is not as Clueless as New Jersey

According to this article
33% of NJ Republicans think Obama is not a citizen and 14% think he is the anti christ.  Additionally 17% of all conservatives thought Obama was Satan incarnate.  The article also indicates that NJ was actually the lowest of 5 states they surveyed.  Gee, I wonder what the other 5 states were.  This is what happens when people do not listen to facts but listen to radio talk show hosts and those with a specific agenda. 
On another subject,  I am starting to think that this whole offensive aganist the Obama administration is being covertly directed by some group that has a total plan of action and is bleeding out news item for the media to pounce on day after day. For instance yesterday the big news item was Acorn, today it is the Czars.  Never mind the fact that Bush had more Czars than Obama and Acorn has offices in every major city and over 700 employees, most staffed by poorley educated minorities that can be easily trapped.  So they 4 or 6 people out of the 700.  Big deal. 
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michael Moore Strikes again, I love it

There are several trailers out for Capitalism, A Love Story, but I think this is the best one.


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I Have to Agree with Carter

I Agree with President Carter when he says that the majority of the animosity exhibited by the opposition to Obama is driven by race.

Like Carter I was born and raised in the South. I left for many of my adult years but I am back now and except for the fact that the colored only drinking fountains and segregated eating establishments are gone, I see very little difference in the South I left and the South I now live in. Today most of the black people do not dine in the mostly white restaurants, they do not hang out in the local pubs. If they do, they will not be thrown out but they will not feel comfortable either. It's not said openly even among white people who don't know each other, but get into a group where they all are "good ole boys" and just listen. We all know it, they all know, even the media all knows it, they just won't say it. But Carter said it. By God, he is 85 years old, he gained the highest office in the land and you know what. He could give a crap what anyone says about him. So he just throws out what everyone else is afraid to say, and I agree with him.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Starting to Wonder

I'm really starting to wonder if Obama was the right choice.  In the beginning I was for Clinton.  I thought she was tough, she had been there and knew how to play the game with the Republicans.  Get tough and kick ass when you need to. I also did not think that America was ready for a Black President and I made that known as one of the reasons I was for Clinton. 

Well as time went on and Obama inched closer to winning the nomination I started to change my mind.  I saw a toughness about him that I had not seen before.  After all if he could beat Clinton then he must have a little spunk.  I also started to change my mind about the blackness.  Maybe the country was ready, and I just didn't see it.  So by the time he won the nomination he had my full and devoted support.  Unlike other avid Clinton supporters, I switched completely and became a wholehearted Obama fan.

Early on I was happy when he got tough with the pirates, although he did seem to have a tendendancy to throw a couple of his nominees under the bus when their credentials were questioned.  But you know maybe he felt he had bigger fish to fry.

Now I'm starting to wonder if we did the right thing.  I started getting suspicious when he completely ignored the betrayal of Senator Grassely, when after applauding Grassely's efforts, Grassely turned around and jumped on the Death Panel bandwagon.  Then without even a fair-the-well he canned Van Johnson because he called the Republicans "bigger assholes" then Democrats.  My god, that should have been a compliment.  He was actually saying the truth.  The Republicans are better at being mean than we are.  On the other hand I thought Clinton was tough enough to withstand whatever the Republicans were going to throw at her and not be Swiftboated.

Well we have been Swiftboated again and this time it is bigtime.  Obama has been called everything from Hitler to the devil.  He is being compared to Saddam, again to Hitler, to Stalin, you name it.  The Administration is being called Socialist, Nazis, Communist, etc.  No other president has ever been called the names and been subjected to the scorn the Republicans are putting onto Obama in such a short time.  And you know what is the worse part?  The Democrats are supposedly in control.  We have both houses of congress and the Presidency, and we're still getting our ass kicked. 

So I am really sick of getting kicked around.  I got very committed to trying to elect Kerry on 04 only to see him get smeared with lies and inuendo with absolutely no kickback.  I feel I am seeing the same thing now with Obama.  So is Obama another Kerry or even worse another Carter.  I hope not. 

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