Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Have to Agree with Carter

I Agree with President Carter when he says that the majority of the animosity exhibited by the opposition to Obama is driven by race.

Like Carter I was born and raised in the South. I left for many of my adult years but I am back now and except for the fact that the colored only drinking fountains and segregated eating establishments are gone, I see very little difference in the South I left and the South I now live in. Today most of the black people do not dine in the mostly white restaurants, they do not hang out in the local pubs. If they do, they will not be thrown out but they will not feel comfortable either. It's not said openly even among white people who don't know each other, but get into a group where they all are "good ole boys" and just listen. We all know it, they all know, even the media all knows it, they just won't say it. But Carter said it. By God, he is 85 years old, he gained the highest office in the land and you know what. He could give a crap what anyone says about him. So he just throws out what everyone else is afraid to say, and I agree with him.

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