Monday, August 11, 2014

New Home at St. Johns Yacht Harbor on the Stono River

So Dave Arnold and I stayed at the Cooper River Marina for about 3 weeks.  While there we installed both a oil guage and a temperature guage.  While testing the oil sensor we found that the prop had become separated from the shaft once again so the fix we had at Amelia Island only last about two weeks.  Moved  the boat to Pierside Boadyard to do the bottom and have the prop reinstalled.  Nelso at Palmetto Props had a bronze bore reducer made for me and a new key machined to bid the shaft and prop.  I will never go back to Pierside as they really screwed me at the end of which I will not go into on this form.

After vacation with China in Florida and house sitting for Carol I moved back on the boat and
moved it to St. Johns Yacht Basin on the Stono River.  Really nice marina, very comfortable with floating docks, pool and bar/restaurant.

Charleston provides a good market so I have pretty much decided to keep the boat here and put it on the market.  In the meantime I will purchase a more comfortable livaboard boat for my slip in Boca Chica.  Have looked at a few boats already in Florida and plan to look at a couple more this week.

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