Friday, May 28, 2010

My Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

I served 20 years in the Navy and retired in 1983.  During my service I served with several gay sailors.  At that time everyone that was gay was "in the closet" but we all knew.  Sometimes we joked about it (you know the times then), but we never really had a problem with it.  No problems in the showers, no one making out in the bunks, etc.  It is now time to put an end to a rule that eliminates many young men and women from serving their country.  As a matter of fact it is past time.  The rule is archaic and really serves no useful purpose.  As always, the military is change averse but given the order they will follow through and in 5 years from now people will wonder why in the world it was such a problem.  As the only senator in South Carolina that I respect I urge you to not just go along with the party line and vote no, but to go where you have gone before and break new ground and give tens of thousands of young men and women the right to serve openly in our military and vote yes on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 

 Of course he voted NO.  

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