Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bit Coin

So the IRS is going to treat Bitcoinas property not currency.  Interesting, do if you sell Bitcoins and make a profit you take it as a capital gain but it is not income.   

Anchor Detail

Yesterday I inspected the anchors and rode.  The CQR is good but the chain did not fit the gypsy on the windlass.  The windlass requires a 3/8" chain which was in the Bruce.  That chain is rusted and not trustworthy.  The rope rode is also suspect due to rust from the chain but should be ok for and extra anchor.   Decided to put the smaller chain on the Bruce and use it as the backup.  Need to order 60' of 38" chain for the CQR.  Rope rode looks good as it is stored In chain locker in front of head.  

Scouted out route for new wash down system.  Tested reserve pump, seems to work good.  Need 12' of water hose plus valve and 3way fitting.   Plan to rig it so I can use the same hose for both sea and fresh water wash down.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

This is a link to the owners manual for the Standard Horizon WS50 wind instrument.  WS50 Owners Manual
Completed installation of Norcold refrigerator.  Installed into a built in cabinet.

Recapping a Year of Covid19 in 2021  I haven't written much in the last few years but maybe its time to start again.  For the past year ...