Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maybe South Carolina is not as Clueless as New Jersey

According to this article
33% of NJ Republicans think Obama is not a citizen and 14% think he is the anti christ.  Additionally 17% of all conservatives thought Obama was Satan incarnate.  The article also indicates that NJ was actually the lowest of 5 states they surveyed.  Gee, I wonder what the other 5 states were.  This is what happens when people do not listen to facts but listen to radio talk show hosts and those with a specific agenda. 
On another subject,  I am starting to think that this whole offensive aganist the Obama administration is being covertly directed by some group that has a total plan of action and is bleeding out news item for the media to pounce on day after day. For instance yesterday the big news item was Acorn, today it is the Czars.  Never mind the fact that Bush had more Czars than Obama and Acorn has offices in every major city and over 700 employees, most staffed by poorley educated minorities that can be easily trapped.  So they 4 or 6 people out of the 700.  Big deal. 
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