Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Riki Lieberman

Riki Wanted this sent to as many as possible.

• Every member of Congress, the President and Vice President and every federal employee receives health care through a taxpayer funded "public option".  Why are so many of them so intent on denying the same possibility to the rest of us?  And why are we so complacent about their hypocrisy?

•  Each beneficiary of the publicly funded Federal Employees Health Program who opposes a public option should be called out and exposed for hypocrisy in denying to others what they have for themselves, and in some cases, rabble rousing to cynically confuse their constituents about the role in government in the health care system.  

• No-one in the Federal Employees Health Program is denied coverage because of prior conditions or health status.  Why deny this to anyone else?

• A large proportion of health care is already a public mandate for broad categories of Americans - Medicare, Medicaid, the VA...  While each system has its issues and could be improved, most could be dealt with by aggressive fraud control, decent reimbursements for providers, and sensible primary and preventive care.

• It is amazing that Medicare is as cost effective as it is; it covers the most health care needy cohort of the population.  Imagine how reasonably priced it would be if its risk was expanded to a less less needy younger population.

• These same hypocrites have exempted themselves from Social Security and have their own very attractive pension system unavailable to the rest of us taxpayers.


Health care reform is before Congress NOW.  Please

• For each of you with a Congressional representative or Senator who opposes a strong public option, demand that he/she leave their taxpayer public option health care before voting against it and denying it for all other Americans. 

Provide this information and insist that your local newspapers, TV and radio stations call out the hypocrisy of these public officials.

Organize local labor, women's organizations and civic groups to picket the offices and homes of the hypocrites.

Richard Burton, Publisher/

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