Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Starting to Wonder

I'm really starting to wonder if Obama was the right choice.  In the beginning I was for Clinton.  I thought she was tough, she had been there and knew how to play the game with the Republicans.  Get tough and kick ass when you need to. I also did not think that America was ready for a Black President and I made that known as one of the reasons I was for Clinton. 

Well as time went on and Obama inched closer to winning the nomination I started to change my mind.  I saw a toughness about him that I had not seen before.  After all if he could beat Clinton then he must have a little spunk.  I also started to change my mind about the blackness.  Maybe the country was ready, and I just didn't see it.  So by the time he won the nomination he had my full and devoted support.  Unlike other avid Clinton supporters, I switched completely and became a wholehearted Obama fan.

Early on I was happy when he got tough with the pirates, although he did seem to have a tendendancy to throw a couple of his nominees under the bus when their credentials were questioned.  But you know maybe he felt he had bigger fish to fry.

Now I'm starting to wonder if we did the right thing.  I started getting suspicious when he completely ignored the betrayal of Senator Grassely, when after applauding Grassely's efforts, Grassely turned around and jumped on the Death Panel bandwagon.  Then without even a fair-the-well he canned Van Johnson because he called the Republicans "bigger assholes" then Democrats.  My god, that should have been a compliment.  He was actually saying the truth.  The Republicans are better at being mean than we are.  On the other hand I thought Clinton was tough enough to withstand whatever the Republicans were going to throw at her and not be Swiftboated.

Well we have been Swiftboated again and this time it is bigtime.  Obama has been called everything from Hitler to the devil.  He is being compared to Saddam, again to Hitler, to Stalin, you name it.  The Administration is being called Socialist, Nazis, Communist, etc.  No other president has ever been called the names and been subjected to the scorn the Republicans are putting onto Obama in such a short time.  And you know what is the worse part?  The Democrats are supposedly in control.  We have both houses of congress and the Presidency, and we're still getting our ass kicked. 

So I am really sick of getting kicked around.  I got very committed to trying to elect Kerry on 04 only to see him get smeared with lies and inuendo with absolutely no kickback.  I feel I am seeing the same thing now with Obama.  So is Obama another Kerry or even worse another Carter.  I hope not. 

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