Tuesday, November 23, 2010

See me naked, frisk me, big deal, the more they do the better I like it.

Yes, from one you flies frequently, go ahead run me through that full bodied scanner.  Do it a couple of times if you want to.  I'm sure that the person on the other end of that scanner by this time has seen so many "semi naked outlines" that mine does not excite them.  If it does I would actually be flattered.  As far as the pat down goes, I have gone through that many times before also.  Big deal.  Just so long as they don't stick their hand or finger in any orifices on my body, I'm ok with it.  I say this because as a frequent flyer I put myself in the shoes of all those people on the three flights on 2000/09/11.  What would I do?  Would I have the guts to challenge hijackers knowing it was certain death.  Its a scary thought, but flying often I have a tendency to look around at my fellow passengers and say "what if".  This scares me more than the plane having engine trouble or experiencing bad weather.  Bottom line is I don't want someone on the plane with me that has a bomb, or a knife or a gun or a box cutter.  If I have to give up a little privacy for that than so be it.  I'm not giving up my liberty because I have the right to opt for another form of transportation if I don't like it.  Therefore this media frenzy about this is just another episode of people trying to control the discussion in this country for partisan purposes.  In my opinion these people need to get over it.  The first time someone sneaks a bomb onto a plane because the TSA has cowered in the face to this onslaught, it will a victory for our enemies and a real loss for our country and our liberty.   

Posted via email from Captain Richard Burton

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