Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene in NYC

Watching all the news channels as well as all the local tv stations in NYC, you would think that all of NYC was being battered by winds and rising tides flooding all the streets.  Well it may be happening someplace but in Midtown Manhattan there was no wind, very little rain and absolutely no flooding.  Nevertheless, all the airports are closed, the sujbways are closed down, the Long Island Railroad and NJ Rail is not running, the buses are not running, stores are all closed because with no transportation workers can't come into the city to work.  The streets are deserted, no taxi cabs and no horns blowing.  Very eerie for a city that never sleeps.  All in all this was hyped to be much worse than it really was.  Well I suppose the practice was worth it for the city to get ready for something real.  

Posted via email from Captain Richard Burton

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