Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lake Worth to Cape Canaveral

Anchored south of Peanut Island for the night. Tried to go into Riveria Beach Marina but they are doing renovations.  Went to Sailfish marina instead.  Strong current with outgoing tide but docked without incident.  Only got 7gallons of fuel.   Took some pretty good side rollers until we got out away.   Motored for 7 hours with reefed main and full jib.  ETA put us into Cape Marina at between 12:30 and 0200. Decided to turn the engine off and sail overnight in order to arrive in daylight.  So the sun just set.  I cooked a batch of Speghetti for dinner.  Just took this of the sunset. Current location just opposite the Indian River 27 46 505N 080 20 235W.

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