Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Elbo Room, Ft. Lauderdale

Sitting at the Elbo Room at the corner of Los Olas Blvd & A1A. I have a lot of history here. 1965 the streets were packed, you could hardly walk on the beach during the day. At night you crashed were you could, anywhere except on the beach as the cops would transport you to jail. The Elbo Room is pretty much the same and Crazy Gregs was upstairs, it's gone now. Sitting here looking out over the street and the beach it all looks pretty much the same. The ocean and the beach sure does. 45 years ago. I still feel the same. Probably still have the same hangups. Two marriages (the first one happened to start right here on this corner in 1969), two kids 3 or 4 different careers and lots of people and places later, it all looks the same and I am sitting here writing this on my iPhone to be posted on a blog. Who would have thought.

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